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7 Reasons Guys are Replacing Their Old Apple Watch Bands With the New NATO Nylon Series

By Ben Barton

The Apple Watch proves that Apple is still king. The device has now become a fashion staple for men - with its constantly expanding repertoire of skills and functions - is increasingly indispensable to many aspects of daily life. The Apple Watch has proven to be the swiss army knife of the modern age.

Such a versatile piece of tech deserves an equally impressive watch strap. Enter another masterpiece of military design, which like the swiss army knife redefined what it meant to offer rugged practicality: the NATO watch strap.

An iconic design; revolutionary in its simplicity and unrivaled in terms of durability, now reimagined for the 21st Century. Introducing, the most authentic NATO watch band compatible with all Series 1-9, SE, and Ultra 1-2 Apple Watches.

  1. 1

    They transform your Apple Watch into an iconic timepiece

    The NATO ('G-10') is unequivocally one of the most iconic watch bands in history. Originally formed from a single strip of nylon, the NATO has proved a challenging concept to translate into the modern era as the pass-through design would block the array of sensors under the Apple Watch face. Undeterred, Longvadon embarked on a journey to faithfully recreate this pillar of timepiece history for a new generation. Longvadon is now proud to present the most authentic ‘G-10’ strap ever created specifically for the Apple Watch.

  2. 2

    Military engineered to be worn on the wrist or over bulky clothing.

    One of the most instantly recognizable qualities of the NATO watch strap is the excess length, designed to be doubled back and tucked in under normal wear or to provide additional scope for buckling over baggy clothing or wetsuits. Three stainless steel (316L) loops secure the additional length providing even greater security during high-octane activities. An additional bonus of this design is that it is practically a ‘one size fits all’ solution for wrists small and large.

  3. 3

    Available in a range of modern and classically inspired styles

    The NATO Series is available in four ruggedly stylish colors, inspired both by the strap's illustrious military history and significant contemporary influence: Midnight Black, Navy Blue, Army Green, and British Khaki. Knowing that a watch is one of the most personal accessories a man can own, Longvadon has made the stainless steel accents; connectors, loops, and buckle—available in both silver or black on all styles for full customization. Can’t decide which color and detail combination to go for? Longvadon is currently offering up to 40% off when purchasing more than one band at once.

  4. 4

    Made from durable and lightweight Nylon for all-day wearability

    The original ‘G-10’ was initially developed for British Special Forces operating overseas, though it was rapidly adopted as a military standard by countries the world over. The NATO owes its overwhelming success to its practical simplicity; crafted from a lightweight yet extremely durable material renowned for its wearable comfort in hot and cool climates, as well as its resistance to tearing and fraying. Nylon is the proven master of rugged terrains and paths least traveled, protecting both the wearer's skin and his Apple Watch while remaining so lightweight you could almost forget you were wearing it.

  5. 5

    The perfect touch for timepiece purists—the Ardillon buckle

    The classics are classics for a reason. There are few things that have quite the same tactile effect as fastening an ardillon buckle first thing in the morning. Understated, dependable, and timeless, there’s no better way to start the day on the right foot. Our own take on this classic is crafted from 316L polished stainless steel to prevent warping and subtly stamped with the Longavadon logo—a signifier of exacting quality.

  6. 6

    Created by lifelong watch enthusiasts and founders of Longvadon

    Longvadon was founded by two French brothers with a vision to see people's Apple Watches transformed into true traditional timepieces. Though the third-party market for Apple Watch straps is saturated with generic options, the brothers noticed a clear lack of premium-quality options, with the exception of a few obscenely priced outliers. The formidable duo have since carved out their own corner of the market, producing only the finest watch bands designed to revolutionize what it means to wear an Apple Watch.

  7. 7

    A true luxury product, at a fair price

    No expense has been spared to replicate the feeling of unboxing a genuine luxury timepiece. While a high-end Rolex may be beyond the reach of most, Longvadon has sought to redress the balance with some of the highest-quality watch bands ever produced, offered at an equitable price point for all. Everything from the packaging to the product has been designed to the tiniest detail to offer the customer the best experience possible. That combined with exceptional customer service at all points of the journey round out what is a luxury experience from start to finish.

Ready to transform your Apple Watch into a military-spec timepiece with the NATO Nylon Series?

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