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15 Best Apple Watch Bands for Men 2022 - Longvadon

Now well into its 8th generation and more popular than ever, unearthing the perfect band for your Apple Watch can feel like a daunting task.

Finding a watch band that’s right for the occasion, of high quality from a trusted brand, and compatible with your device is essential to getting the most out of your timepiece.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the 15 very best Apple Watch bands for men available right now. Whether you are looking for a luxury band for a hot date, a sports band for the gym, or a lightweight everyday strap, we have you covered.

Read on for our 15 favorite watch bands for the Apple Watch to suit every occasion.

Vulcan Series Rubber Apple Watch Strap for men on a Series 8

1. The Vulcan Series: Vulcanized Rubber Strap in Midnight Black - Longvadon

Looking to achieve a more casual look without sacrificing style? Silicone has long been the sportier cousin of leather and remains a popular choice.

The main problem is quality assurance. A silicone strap is not difficult to find but it is not renowned for its durable properties long term. Where do you turn if you want quality that will last? Longvadon’s Vulcan Series leverages the advanced robustness and malleability of vulcanized rubber - created through a painstaking process of heating and cooling - to create a band that pairs all-day function with unmatched form.

Outstandingly durable, a vulcanized rubber strap is also perfectly suited for turning your Apple Watch into a luxury dive watch in the style of a Rolex Yacht-Master or an Omega Seamaster.

Achieve the look…with a comfortable and robust rubber strap suitable for workout gear, casualwear, and everything in between.

Hermès Double Tour Apple Watch Band in Black on Series 8

2. Double Tour Leather Apple Watch Band for Men in Black w/ Silver Buckle - Hermès

The Double Tour Black w/ Silver buckle  is a unique, black leather apple watch band defined by an extra-long strap that wraps twice around the wrist, creating a bold and distinctive look. Hermès has created an elegant masterpiece, handcrafted in France from fine-grain swift leather.

An added bonus of the double wrap-around style is that any wrist size is largely accommodated, no matter how broad. The Double Tour is compatible with 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm Apple Watch models and is available in 8 striking colors.

Achieve the look…by elevating your formal attire with a fresh twist on the classic thin leather watch strap.

Nomad Titanium Apple Watch Band on a Series 7

3. A Lightweight Titanium Metal Band in Silver - Nomad

Nomad is an esteemed designer of high-quality men’s Apple Watch bands but it is their metal straps that truly elevate them above others.

The futuristic band is made from Grade 2 titanium and carbon-coated for advanced durability and feather-weight wearability. The band is also scratch resistant and complete with a proprietary magnetic clasp to make taking on and off effortless.

Compatible with 49mm Apple Watch Ultra, as well as Apple Watch Series 8, 7, 6, SE, and earlier.

Achieve the look…with a robust and versatile watch band suitable for sporting activities and cooler climates.

Apple's Metal Link Apple Watch Band Bracelet for Men

4. The Classic Metal Link Apple Watch Band for Men - Apple

The classics are classics for a reason. The design of the Metal Link Bracelet has changed since its first iteration but the principles remain the same. Meticulous craftsmanship from the masters of design.

Expertly formed from over 100 components in 316L stainless steel alloy. Taking over nine painstaking hours to form a single band, this staple remains one of the best Apple Watch bands for men. Period.

Compatible with 38/40/41/42/44/45mm Apple watches and most available iterations, this is one band Apple fans shouldn’t be without.

Achieve the look…with the new Apple Watch Series 8 for the latest in form-fitting style and cutting-edge technology.

Caiman Series Apple Watch Leather Band for Men in Navy Blue

5. The Caiman Series: Epochal Apple Watch Leather Band in Navy Blue - Longvadon

A quality leather strap transcends fashion trends and the changing of seasons. The leather strap is as timeless as it is versatile. As pairable with a suit and tie as a buttoned-down polo. Plus, if you are willing to invest in quality, likely to last a lifetime.

Longvadon’s Caiman Series is luxury personified and has long represented some of the very best Apple Watch bands for men available. Top grain bovine leather, treated for suppleness and embossed with crocodile print detailing, lined with ultra-soft suede for all-day wearability.

Pair that with the iconic butterfly clasp in polished stainless steel and you have a luxury apple watch band no self-respecting wardrobe is complete without.

Achieve the look… by pairing the rich and dark navy blue strap with a likewise colored leather belt and a pair of dark brown or black shoes.

Apple's Milanese Loop Apple Watch Strap for Men on a Series 7

6. The Milanese Loop: A Modern Take on a Classic Design - Apple

Dating back to the 19th century, this stunning mesh design finds its origins at the heart of Italian craftsmanship. Woven from stainless steel on specialized Italian machinery, the unique qualities of the Milanese loop make it infinitely breathable and incredibly lightweight.

The full strap and buckle are magnetized, meaning the length can be infinitely adjusted to fit any wrist size. This really is one of those luxury Apple Watch bands that feels as good as it looks.

Achieve the look…by matching with silver cuff links, a tie pin, and a simple buckle belt for a sophisticated and orchestrated aesthetic.

 La Californienne Leather Apple Watch Band for Men

7. Spice up Your Accessory Game With this Striped Beauty - La Californienne

If you’re looking for something a little different from your standard black and brown leather Apple Watch Band then La Californienne has the answer.

Striped tan, black, and white on premium vegetable-tanned leather with a tasteful stainless steel pin buckle completes a look that is refreshingly bold.

La Californienne draws inspiration from the rich tones of the LA landscape; from the brilliant sunsets to its colorful inhabitants. As such, all of their Apple Watch bands for men are unashamedly bright and playful, made for those who know not to take life too seriously.

Achieve the look…with a loose-fitting button-down and a pair of lightweight shorts befitting the Californian sun.

Nike Pride Edition Apple Watch Nylon Band for Men

8. The Limited Pride Edition Sport Loop - Nike

Released as part of Nike’s Be True Collection promoting equality in sport, the Pride Edition Sport Loop is packed with features to make your workout more comfortable.

The fine nylon weave is soft, breathable, and as lightweight as you can expect from a men’s Apple Watch band. Thick silicone loops create an air cushion between the skin and the band, allowing moisture to dissipate while protecting the skin from irritation.

A secure hook-and-loop fastener keeps the band from slipping - a real irritation for many while exercising - as well as allowing for quick and easy adjustment. All while supporting a good cause and looking suave in the process.

Achieve the look…by dusting off your finest workout gear and hitting the gym or the track.

Caiman Series Lite Apple Watch Leather Strap for Men in Navy Blue

9. The Caiman Lite Series: The Everyday Leather Strap Redefined - Longvadon

The Caiman Series continues to prove itself as one of the most popular Apple Watch bands for men. Renowned for its exquisite quality and handcrafted attention to detail, down to the final stitch.

The Caiman Lite series builds upon this legacy with a simplified design, trading the butterfly clasp for a more to-the-point buckle. For the purists, who consider the satisfaction and familiarity of buckling a fine leather strap an intrinsic part of their morning routine, it doesn’t get better than this.

Just because your timepiece can speak a hundred different languages with more processing power than an old supercomputer, it doesn’t mean your Apple Watch leather band has to be quite so complicated.

Achieve the look…with a back-to-basics approach to the days when a quality watch was designed to be worn morn’ and night.

Caterjett Silicone Strap for Men

10. The Best Silicone Band for an Active Lifestyle - Carterjett

For those who prefer a silicone band over a fabric one, this inexpensive treat from Carterjett has been custom engineered specifically for an active lifestyle.

A lightweight and flexible silicone band construction with evaporative channels built into the skin-facing side for uninterrupted air circulation. Rugged and fully waterproof as one would expect from a premium sports strap.

However, the main selling point of this band is the proprietary Carterjett adapter that securely attaches to your watchface with the use of ZERO screws or spring bars. The adapter and silicone band are permanently joined at the hip, meaning no risk of lost screws or damaged components.

Achieve the look…with a waterproof hiking jacket and a sturdy set of mountaineering boots.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Green Apple Watch Case

11. Protect your Apple Watch Against Anything with the Rugged Armor Pro - Spigen

Spigen has made a name for itself by producing some of the most trusted protective phone cases on the market. They have since broadened their remit to include everything from wireless earbud cases to the latest Apple Watch Series 8 bands.

The Rugged Armor Pro features a raised bezel to protect your watch face from bumps and scratches, an in-built shock-absorbent layer, and a generously adjustable wristband to suit a range of wrist sizes (or to be worn over bulky protective clothing).

Compatible with 45mm/44mm models and suitable for anyone who values the well-being and safety of their Apple Watch over their own.

Achieve the look…with a hard hat and steel toe-capped boots, stay safe out there guys!

Apple's Braided Solo Loop in Green on Starlight Series 8 Apple Watch

12. The All-New Braided Solo Loop - Apple

The Solo loop range has never been the most exciting of watch bands for the Apple Watch but it is hard to beat for versatility. Comprising a single liquid silicone band absent of any belts, buckles, or buttons, this is simplicity epitomized.

Now, Apple are looking to spice things up with an all-new take on a classic design. The Braided Solo Loop adds increased definition and an overall more intriguing aesthetic.

A huge benefit of the redesign is increased breathability. Recycled yarn is interwoven with silicone thread to create an even softer and lightweight strap. Still waterproof and robust, this is everything you could ask for from a day-to-day Apple Watch band for men.

The Braided Solo Loop is designed for an ultra-comfortable fit and is supposed to stretch over the wearer’s wrist for a secure hold. There are nine lengths available to accommodate a broad range of wrist sizes, just make sure you measure accurately before ordering.

Achieve the look…with a simple versatile watch strap perfectly suited to all life throws your way.

Casetify Two Tone Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band in Gold and Silver

13. The Traditional Two-Tone Gold/Silver Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band - Casetify

The classic two-tone metal watch band has been a timepiece staple for decades with luxury brands such as Tissot, TAG Heuer, and Breitling embracing this classic look.

Unfortunately, finding premium two-tone designer Apple Watch bands for men is still a little tricky. Casetify is here to plug that gap in the market. Made from stainless steel polished to a high sheen, the band has an expensive chunkiness to it while remaining surprisingly lightweight and versatile.

Experts in Apple Watch bands, most of Casetify’s portfolio is compatible with all watch sizes and Apple watch series 8-1, SE, Ultra, and everything in between.

Achieve the look…by pairing selectively with other accessories, both gold and silver rings go perfectly with a traditional two-tone timepiece.

Longvadon Luxury Classic Series Apple Watch Band on Series 6

14. The Classic Series: Traditionally Styled Midnight Black Leather Apple Watch Band - Longvadon

Classically styled from the highest grade full grain leather. True craftsmanship of old, innovated for the technology of today.

The classic series is a nostalgic romp through the annals of yesteryear’s most iconic timepieces. Think Breitling Navitimer, Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle, and IWC Portofino; transcendent designs that have persevered through sheer class and style.

That is the Classic Series from Longvadon. Designer Apple Watch bands for men who favor timeless sophistication over fleeting fast fashion. Past elegance and future innovation; who said you can’t have both?

Achieve the look…with your new everyday leather strap, perfect for wearing around the office or on a special dinner date.

Hermès Double Tour Gourmette Leather Band with Stainless Steel for the Apple Watch

15. The Pinnacle of Luxury From This Apple Watch Series 8 band - Hermès

We have already featured a Hermès Double Tour band but we would be remiss in our duty of compiling the best Apple Watch bands for men if we did not include this beauty somewhere.

The Double Tour Gourmette metal is something different. Something truly special. Undoubtedly the most expensive Apple Watch band featured on this list and with good reason. Black as night, Noir swift calfskin and an extravagantly thick chain of meticulously hand-polished stainless steel, no expense has been spared to deliver one of the finest watch bands ever created.

Fresh from the forges of France this luxury apple watch band is currently available for preorder with shipment later this month. Be amongst the first to own this iconic piece of watch history.

Achieve the look…with one of the finest bands ever created for the Apple Watch, suitable for only the most special of occasions.

12 slot Longvadon Apple Watch Band Collector's Box

Special Mention: The Luxurious Apple Watch Band Collector’s Box - Longvadon

Caught the watch band collector’s bug? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. A watch band for every occasion is a quintessential part of any modern gentleman’s wardrobe. All you need is somewhere to store your straps befitting a suave man such as yourself.

The Longvadon Collector’s box holds up to twelve watch bands and can feature up to six at the same time, making it easier for you to select your band from morn’ til night. Crafted from high gloss piano black lacquered wood and ensconced in ultra-soft velvet, you can be sure your possessions are in safekeeping.

What is the Best Apple Watch Band for Men?

Finding the best Apple Watch band comes down to identifying your particular needs/preferences and the best brand in that niche. Here are some brands you might wish to consider:

Apple: A broad range of official bands for men suitable for everyday, athleticwear, and formal dress.

Nike: Apple Watch bands specifically suited for sports and athletic pursuits.

Longvadon: specializing in premium leather Apple Watch bands and contemporary designs.

Hermès: High-end retailer of Apple Watch bands suitable for formal occasions.

Casetify: A broad selection of designs and configurations at competitive prices.

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