Our Story

Longvadon was founded by two French brothers with a passion for watches and style. It all started when one of the brothers, Robin, was sitting in a cab with a friend who'd just bought the Apple Watch and was complaining about how he just couldn't find a really good looking, classy, quality strap for his watch after looking everywhere online. It was all either cheap knockoffs or the few extremely expensive options offered by Apple and its partners.

As Robin had just sold a watch company he'd been part of founding and was looking for a new project to take on, he asked his photographer/filmmaker brother Sebastian who'd also worked on their previous watch brand to join him and together they headed down to the French Riviera and created Longvadon.

Being two brothers brought up in a classic southern french household their mission was simple. To help people look as stylish as they'd look walking down the streets of a small town in the heart of Provence on a beautiful summer night, while still enjoying the benefits of technology and modern wearables to their fullest.