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5 Best Leather Apple Watch Bands for Men in 2021 | Longvadon

Apple Watch owners know the struggle of finding a strap that matches a style and occasion. You wouldn’t impress your dinner date with the same band used for measuring gym performance.

The Longvadon collections are here to help you out. With a variety of colors and styles, we have something for everyone. You’ll never need to worry about having an unfitting leather strap for Apple Watch again.

So, who are we?

Robin and Sebastian founders of Longvadon

Two French brothers, essentially. One has successfully run and sold a watch business before, and the other knows how to make things aesthetically pleasing and everlasting.

Together, we launched Longvadon - Luxury Apple Watch Leather Bands from the sun-splashed French Riviera.

Longvadon is a company of the biggest Apple Watch enthusiasts in the world. We have been around for a minute, and we’ve seen many things change in the watch industry. However, one thing has remained a constant; our passion for delivering the best leather Apple Watch bands.

How to find a fitting band?

The Apple Watch is a personal gadget, so it always reflects your character.

The best Apple Watch band is undoubtedly made of genuine leather. It looks fantastic on any watch face and goes great with both casual and formal attire.

The problem is, too many leather straps are suffocating the markets out there, and most are not worth your time. To help you out, we’re curating a list of the best leather straps for Apple Watches to fit every personality, lifestyle, and event.

Our expert team carefully selected each leather strap to ensure a premium experience every time you put on your Apple Watch.

1. Longvadon's Navy Blue Caiman Series Band For Men

best navy caiman apple watch band for men

Longvadon’s Caiman Apple Watch leather bands are a luxury fashion statement. The navy blue leather strap comes in two wrist size options and fits Series 1–7, both for 38/40/41mm and 42/44/45mm Apple Watch faces.

The watch strap features leather embossed with crocodile patterns. It’s an ultra-comfortable form-fitting design that conforms to your skin and breaths good taste. The premium top grain leather will give you richness longer than any other type, ensuring that it’s an investment for years to come.

The devil hides in the details so you can find Caiman’s navy blue series with silver, black, and gold metal finish.

Who’s the strap for? This is the best leather apple watch band for men that want to look stylish at any time of the day, especially during casual business events.

2. Longvadon's Mahogany Brown Caiman Series Band w/ Contrast Stitching For Men

best mahogany brown apple watch band

The Mahogany Brown strap is the perfect addition to any outfit. If you wear one, people may ask about your timepiece all the time, but not because of the computing power in your watch. The mahogany strap attracts the eyes, locks-in the attention, and just doesn't let go.

The Longvadon Men’s Bovine (cowskin) Leather Apple Watch Band comes in just the right size for both large and medium-sized wrists. These bands are compatible with all Apple Watch models and feature six different metal and stitching details that can match your mood, clothes, and events.

This top leather Apple Watch band attracts raving Amazon reviews, and that’s not surprising one bit. The Caiman Mahogany Brown bands have anywhere from 4.1 to pure 5-star overall ratings across hundreds of reviews for all six models.

Who’s the strap for? This is the strap for men that enjoy the classic leather colors without breaking the bank.

3. Longvadon's Midnight Black Caiman Series Band For Men

best caiman series midnight black apple watch strap for men

Ready to take the world in your corporate grip? Discover the midnight black band for a super versatile, super affordable, and oh-so-stylish lifestyle.

Longvadon presents the perfect companion for all your pursuits. The Men`s best leather strap for Apple watch series 1 through 6 (38/40mm or 42/44mm). The band is made of supreme high-quality crocodile embossed bovine featuring a signature stainless steel luxury clasp that opens with a single click.

The Longvadon Men’s Midnight Black Caiman Series Watch Band is a luxury, hand-crafted watch strap which will make your Apple Watch wear and feel like a swiss-made timepiece. The strap comes in 6 editions, featuring gold, silver, and black metal details, with both contrast and same-color stitching.

Who’s the strap for? This is the best leather Apple watch band for anyone who wants to dress to impress for a black tie and gala corporate event.

4. Longvadon's Classic Series Full Grain Leather Mahogany Brown Band For Men

best full grain apple watch band

The Mahogany brown band is an elegant and masculine fashion statement.

The brand new Classic Series are the best leather apple watch bands for an everyday collection. Classic is classic for a reason — because it’s good, and it’s has stood the test of time. The strap is made of full grain French bovine hides, representing crème-de-la-crème leather bands. It’s durable, quickly softens with use, and acquires a beautiful patina over time.

The Classic Mahogany comes with three different color details. The band fits well on medium and large wrists, and it’s compatible with Apple Watch Series 1–6 (38/40mm and 42/44mm).

Who’s the strap for? Men with the best-dressed Apple Watch for every occasion and mood.

5. Longvadon's Classic Series Full Grain Leather Navy Blue Band For Men

The Full Grain series brings unparalleled quality, custom-made for each fit and finish.

Navy blue straps breathe confidence, tranquility, and serenity. Men’s Classic Series leather bands give Apple watches a look and feel like no other leather band available today. The classic leather displays superior strength and durability against similar competitors’ models.

The Full Grain leather used in these bands is cut from genuine French bovine hides, giving you a high-end look that won’t have you breaking the bank on your Apple watch style.

Every detail has been carefully considered. The stitches don’t come loose over time, and the band preserves the same look and feel over the years, even with heavy use. Classic navy blue leather bands come in good-fitting sizes for both the medium and large wrist sizes and are compatible with Apple Watch Series 1–6 (38/40mm and 42/44mm).

Who’s the strap for? For confident men who want to wear best-understated leather bands that look pricier than they actually are, thanks to full-grain leather, clean surface, and strong stitching.

Buying an Apple Watch Strap Is a Major Decision

Apple Watch band is not something you can just go out and buy without giving it a second thought. You risk making the wrong choice.

Getting the best leather Apple Watch band ensures that your timepiece is with you for years to come and serves you best on every occasion.

That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you with this article. We’re sharing everything there is to know about leather straps so that when it’s time to make your purchase, it will be an easy one to make.

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