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A Guide to Charging Your AirPods Using the Magsafe Charger

The Magsafe charger crystallizes the essence of exactly why Apple has always been so monstrously successful in retaining its customers. One of the classic problems that Android phone makers have witnessed in the past decade is that the switch from Android to iOS is quite easy to make. However, the switch from iOS to Android is much harder to make. This is mainly due to the fact that Apple’s ecosystem is so tightly wound that you are extremely comfortable as long as you are not trying to leave it. You can switch from one iPhone to another without much issue as everything is already backed up by iCloud. Your AirPods and Apple Watch will immediately recognize the new device and will not require any form of syncing.

The MagSafe charger is typical of Apple’s strategy. Wireless charging was a technology that had been in the market for several years before Apple introduced it. It had been a feature that Samsung had been heavily advertising in the past. Apple came late into the market and yet still hit all the spots with the Magsafe charger. What Apple nailed was the usability of the wireless charging system. The presence of magnets meant that the phone was completely usable even when connected to the charger system. This completely changes the whole paradigm upon which the main criticism of wireless charging rests. This simple yet ingenious innovation completely lifts Apple’s product above all the others.

magsafe airpods case

MagSafe Airpods

AirPods are one of Apple’s most popular products. They are arguably one of the few Apple products that are so good that they are being used by non-Apple users as well. The noise cancellation coupled with the seamless integration of the AirPods Pro means that they are certainly the single best option for most Apple users and a very good option for non-Apple users. The sound quality generally might not be the best in the business, but it is more than good enough for the average user. Overall, the experience is quite well-rounded and well worth the money.

Now, the issue of MagSafe charging for AirPods is quite interesting. Firstly, not all AirPods are even compatible with the MagSafe charger in the first place. There is a high-priced variant of the AirPods Pro that is compatible with the MagSafe chargers. It can be quite confusing since the AirPods available in many of these countries do not have that designation available and people tend to be confused as they don’t have any idea why one of the AirPods Pro is priced higher. In terms of the charging process of the AirPods Pro that are compatible, one simply has to attach the AirPods with the MagSafe charger and it will charge.

Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Case

apple airpods pro wireless charging case

AirPods Pro is quite a steep investment. It is important that the AirPods themselves are kept with love and care. The simplest way of doing that is to put a case on. The advantages of a case are that it protects your device from scuffs and scratches that you are bound to get even if you use your AirPods with considerable care. The shiny finish of the AirPods is definitely quite impressive but it also makes the AirPods quite susceptible to damage. Now, a normal case will almost cost you nothing and do the job more or less. However, cases that are made from cheap materials are most likely going to scratch the AirPods as well.

This is why you must go for a high-quality case like Longvadon’s Caiman Series case. Made from genuine bovine leather, this case will only make your AirPods even classier than before. The crocodile pattern embossed on the case is not only a cosmetic highlight but also has a functional advantage as well. It aids grip and makes it much harder for the case to fall out of your hand. However, the most impressive feature of this particular case is the fact that it is enabled for wireless charging so it will not impede the process at all. Overall, it is a great buy for anyone who is looking to keep their AirPods in good condition throughout their period of usage.

If you want to use a MagSafe charger with your AirPods Pro, you need to buy the model that will support the option as well. Except for this particular piece of information, everything else is fairly simple and straightforward.

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