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Apple Watch Band Sizing Guide – What Size Should I Get?

Apple Watch band sizing is easy - when you follow a simple guide.

You’re probably stressing over a few questions right now. What size Apple Watch should I get? What’s the difference between the Apple Watch 38mm bands and the 40mm Apple Watch bands? Would a 44mm Apple Watch fit on a small wrist? Etc.

We understand. It’s an Apple gadget, and you don’t want to make a rushed decision. But don’t worry. We’ll help you out with all the Apple watch band sizing tips and tricks.

Here’s everything to know about how to measure your wrist and choose the right fit.

Measure your wrist size

The ideal apple watch fit is neither too loose nor too tight. Your palm has to be able to move freely without limiting the blood flow in your wrist. Good circulation is essential for health, performance, and ultimately your style.

Depending on your country, you may measure your band in inches or millimeters. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the conversion process. Every one of Longvadon’s product pages provides a clear Apple Watch sizing guide. Make sure to confirm your wrist size before placing any purchase.

Apple Watch sizing

How to measure your wrist?

  1. Find a cloth measuring tape. If you don’t have one, any tape or piece of string can do the trick.
  2. Wrap the tape loosely around your wrist.
  3. Take measures. If you’re using plain tape (or string), mark the ends with a pen, and then flatten the tape on a hard surface and measure it with a ruler.
  4. Add half a centimeter above the measurement to be safe.

Male wrists are usually 15cm (5.9in) to 19cm (7.4in) on average, while the female wrists generally measure anywhere between 14cm (5.5in) and 18cm (7in). However, people are different, and so are wrists. Individuals can have larger or smaller wrists and may find the regular fit uncomfortable. The 44mm Apple Watch on a small wrist can look and feel just as good as other sizes if you pick the right band. That’s why it’s important to measure the Apple Watch band length and find your perfect size.

How to measure the watch band without the tape?

Luckily Apple has a plan B for you. If you don’t have a ruler, tape, or anything else on hand, Apple has your back — kind of.

You can download a printable tool that can help you sort things out. Clickhere to download the Apple Watch band sizing tool. The official guide can be confusing and makes sense mostly for choosing the solo loop. However, you can reverse engineer part of the process to get your exact measurements.

how to measure watch band

Here’s the full rundown.

  1. Download the printable tool.
  2. Print the document in full size on A4 paper.
  3. Place your ID or a credit card in a designated place to confirm the document size.
  4. Cut out the trailed paper watch.
  5. Wrap the paper tool around your wrist.
  6. Measure your wrist and find your number.
    apple watch size guide
  7. If your reading is on the line between numbers, always choose the bigger one.
  8. Go back to Apple's website.
  9. Choose any solo loop.
  10. Click on Use our guide.
  11. Choose Everyday items.
    Apple Watch band sizing chart

  12. Enter a random number in centimeters or inches.
  13. Tweak it until you get back your exact size.
    apple watch band size chart

This process is not clear-cut for many. Individuals report issues with getting the wrong band size and having to return the loop. We advise measuring your wrist the old-fashioned way using cloth tape.

When you know the exact size of your wrist, you can pick the right band.

What size Apple Watch band should I get?

Once you know your wrist size, it’s time to pick the right fit for your wrist. Longvadon offers an easy Apple Watch band sizing guide on every product page. Always double-check your measurements before going to the next step.

what size apple watch band should i get

Click on the Sizing Guide.

Apple Watch band sizing guide

When it comes to Longvadon’s Leather Apple Watch band, picking the right size is a walk in the park. It’s a simple process. Our genuine Full Grain leather straps are adjustable and make for a great fit on wrists of all sizes. You only have to pick the broad category, whether you have a small, medium, or large wrist.

Women and men can generally opt-in for a medium-sized band. Apple Watch XL and XS band sizes are also available for anyone who needs a bit more or less leeway.

Apple Watch XL Band

If your wrists measure 21cm or more, then getting a large Apple Watch band can be precisely what you’re looking for. Large Apple watch bands are made for wider wrists. The XL band can be wrapped comfortably around your hand, giving you more room to adjust it as needed.

How to fit a watch band for larger wrists once you have it? That’s easy. Use the rule of one finger. Fasten the band around your wrist, and push one finger between the butterfly clasp and your skin.

Your finger should fit comfortably, but not enough that you could fit two fingers. If you have extra space, the band is too loose. Position the metal pin one hole tighter on your strap. Repeat this process until you find the perfect fit.

Small Apple Watch Band

If your measurements fall somewhere in the 14cm ballpark, then getting Apple Watch bands for small wrists can help you stay stylish and comfortable. Longvadon’s Caiman and Classic women’s series all come in XS sizes.

Once you receive your small Apple Watch band, make sure you’re wearing it well.

Apart from the rule of finger, you can use another trick to find the perfect fit. Your Apple Watch should fit enough to prevent any spun movement, but it shouldn’t leave an imprint or damage your skin. To check if you have the right fit, position your wrist perpendicular to the floor, and look at your watch. Well-fastened watches should slide only a couple of centimeters down your wrist.

What's the perfect Apple Watch case size?

“It’s all in the wrist.” You’ve probably heard this cheesy line before because the wrist truly holds the key to everything. Your wrist power influences driving skills, cooking, gambling, lovemaking, and yeah, even your Apple Watch size.

Everything indeed is in the wrist.

Your choice of watches is subjective, and one can argue that your size is your business. However, if you don’t want to look like a kid playing with his parent’s jewelry, then finding the right fit is essential.

The watch case size should ideally cover 75% of your wrist flat surface, and lug to lug distance should cover 75%-90% of your wrist width. Apple Watches generally come in 4 different case sizes, and you can currently buy all of them directly from Apple.

Here’s the full rundown.

1. Apple Watch 38mm bands

The first three generations come in different standard case sizes. You can still buy series3 from Apple because they’re stellar gadgets. When picking the Apple Watch 38mm band, make sure to click on the 38/40 option. The case generally fits wrists that are anywhere between 130mm and 200mm.

2. The 40mm Apple Watch bands

The 40mm Apple Watch is the standard version for series 4, 5, and 6, as well as the SE series. It also fits wrist sizes between 130–200mm. Simply follow the same measuring guide described earlier in this post and pick the 40mm option at the checkout.

3. The 42mm watch band

The 42mm watch band is the larger version of the first 3 series. If you have a larger watch from the first series, choose the 42/44 option at the checkout. The 42mm watch is perfect for wrists between 140mm and 220mm.

4. Apple 44mm watch band

Apple’s 44mm watch is the largest on offer. The standard case size comes for all series 4, 5, and 6, as well as the SE models. It fits 140–220mm wrists, but the watch looks good on any larger hand. The 44mm Apple Watch on the small wrist may look a bit too big, coming to focus with the difference in size. Depending on your personal style, this can be your fashion statement.

The Apple Watch Band Sizing Guide

The Apple Watch band sizing guide can help you find the right fit.

Women and men generally have wrists of different sizes and may prefer bigger or smaller straps. With Longavdon’s XS, M, and XL bands, you can choose something that’s not too loose nor too tight. Your watch shouldn’t restrict your blood flow. But if the band is too big, the watch can spin around your wrist and even fall off. The tech in your smart gadget needs to be in steady touch with the skin for you to use the electro diagram, blood oxygen meter, and other apps. Having the right fit is essential.

Whether you chose the 38mm band or 44mm Apple Watch band for a small wrist, Longvadon has the right fit for you.

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