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Best Apple Watch Accessories That You Need

A user base that stands at over 100 million people means that the Apple Watch is easily the most popular watch to have ever existed. Released in 2014, the Apple Watch, typical of any Apple product, quickly caught the imagination of the consumer culture of the world. The simple but intuitive UI, the distinctive design that exhibited no compromise between form and function meant that it quickly started to sell in the millions. Today, the stereotypical image of the tech entrepreneur is woefully incomplete without him or her sporting an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch signals a two-toned personality. It says that you are geeky enough to state the Metacritic scores of all ‘The Legend of Zelda’ games but will also down an aged whisky without a hitch.

The fast public adoption of Apple Watches has meant that a whole industry has come into being that deals solely with the additional accessories for the Apple Watch. The slew of products that have come into the market also presents a challenge to the consumer. It is also true that most of those products do not really augment the functionality of the Apple Watch and are lazy concoctions designed to appeal to consumerist sensibilities. Today, we decided to take on the lofty task of going through the plethora of accessories on the market and choosing the select few that truly provide a level of utility worth the sticker price.

Longvadon Watch Bands

luxury apple watch bands

The only true criticism of the Apple Watch is that it has de-seated a certain type of wristwatch from the market. People are rejecting the mechanical masterpieces for the digital age being ushered in by the Apple Watch. To some, the Apple Watch lacks a certain level of craft that makes it less appealing at best and ‘plastic’ at its worst. For those people, Longvadon watch bands that specialize in Apple Watches are a godsend. They add a level of class to the plain design of the Apple Watch that is simply unbeatable. The genuine embossed leather of the Caimen series is extremely high quality, and the price is very reasonable considering that bovine leather is in the upper echelons of the leather spectrum. Apple watch band sizes are available in a plethora of colors as well, making sure that you can choose the exact color that you desire. Of all the luxury apple bands that are present out there, this is certainly the best. For people who want to invest in high-quality rubber watch bands, the Vulcan series by Longvadon has hypoallergenic rubber that is resilient to scuffs and scratches.

Magnetic Charging Dock

This is an add-on that oozes Apple’s personality. Simple, yet elegant, the added convenience is unbeatable. Forget the bother of trying to connect your Apple Watch by wire. You can simply place the watch on the dock. In fact, it sticks to the charging dock with a magnetic force that can only be described as magical. It is also the only official wireless charger that you can obtain for your Apple Watch. The downside is the high price which might prove to be a deterrent for a lot of potential buyers. Another is the large surface area that the charging dock covers. The vast majority of people are going to be placing it on their bedside table, which means that the already restricted area of the bedside table is further cluttered by this rather large apparatus.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Apple Watch Case

For people who truly want to take their watches everywhere, this particular case might be the ultimate answer. It has a raised bezel which makes sure that the watch itself is never in contact with other surfaces, prolonging the life of the Apple Watch. For a lot of people, the militaristic style of the case serves as a plus rather than a negative point. It also needs to be noted that the case is only available for 44 mm watches only. The price is also extremely competitive, meaning that it is a smart investment to make in order to keep your Apple Watch in as pristine a condition as possible.

Griffin Survivor Case

For people who are looking for the gold standard in protection, this is the holy grail. The ‘pop on-and-off’ function of the Griffin Survivor Case adds a layer of convenience to the whole experience. However, the case has a rather overarching personality that doesn’t seem to blend well with the character of the watch. While the Spigen case’s design is harmoniously integrated into the lines of the Apple Watch, the Griffin Survivor Case seems to fall short in this regard. It also has no effect on the Force Touch feature which ensures that the core experience of the watch remains unaffected.

Native Union Marble DOCK

If one is being extremely honest, this is not an accessory that you truly need. However, it is also true that iPhones that have been layered with 24K gold sell in spades across the world. There’s no logical explanation for it except the fact that people like to use high-quality materials. The Marble Dock is an idea that is crazy, but it just seems to work. The Marble Dock is literally what it claims to be, a charging dock that is made of marble. There is also the added value of the marble dock being extremely sturdy. The dock will work with any device that uses the Lightning port.

AirUnleashed Wireless Charger

For people who are well and truly embedded in the Apple ecosystem, this is a dream that has finally been realized. This particular wireless charger can charge all three of your Apple devices, your AirPods, your iPhone, and your Apple Watch. The vast majority of people who own one of these devices also own the other two as well. However, the charger itself only has three coils, with each being dedicated to one device. This means that you have to be precise when placing the devices on the dock as any deviation will result in the devices not charging. The name is quite bombastic, for lack of a better word, but the utility of being able to charge all three of your devices is quite valuable as well. It is even more impressive when you consider the fact that this device is able to achieve what Apple has not yet been able to crack.

Twelve South Actionsleeve

Having to take off your Apple Watch when you are boxing doesn’t seem to be much of an inconvenience until it happens to you. The whole idea of the Apple Watch is instant functionality on your wrist. It breaks the seamlessness of the experience when you have to take the watch off. The name is not very descriptive of the use of this particular device so let me explain it. Essentially, when you cannot wear your Apple Watch on your wrist for any sports activity, this lets you reposition the watch on your sleeve rather than on your wrist. It is also claimed that heart rate tracking actually becomes even more accurate when the watch is on your sleeve.

For people who box regularly, being able to track your heart rate is perhaps even more important than in normal conditions, and this sleeve lets you do exactly that. For the gym freaks among us, this is simply a must-have and there doesn’t seem to be any other alternative available on the market as of this moment. This band is one of the best examples of how elegant workarounds can truly augment the capabilities of your Apple Watch. In use, the sleeve is slightly awkward at first but eventually grows on you and makes you feel like a biological subject being experimented upon with sensors on your arm.

These are some of the best accessories that you can buy in order to truly spruce up your Apple Watch. We were all skeptical of the utility of the Apple Watch at first. Why would you buy an Apple Watch when your phone could do the same thing with the added delay of taking the phone out of your pocket? However, the Apple Watch proved all its detractors wrong by inventing a whole new industry of smartwatches that is thriving to this day. The vast range of accessories available for the Apple Watch is a testament to the fact that the average user is willing to invest in supercharging their Apple Watch into something even more potent. Whether that be the classy treatment that Longvadon watch bands provide or the sheer convenience of the ActionSleeve allowing you to keep your watch on you during even the most strenuous of exercises.

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