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The Best Place to Buy Apple Watch Bands | Longvadon

Apple Watch is the most versatile Apple product to date.

The main reason? Apple Watch bands, of course. You can dress up your watch with any strap, ranging from stainless steel and silicone to classy leather made from bovine hide.

Buy the right Apple Watch Band for Your Timepiece

Apple Watch is not a cheap piece of tech, but it’s groundbreakingly reliable, durable, and stylish. The latter mainly relies on how you choose to dress it up.

We strongly advise not tainting your watch with a subpar strap. Think about it. Would you wear a $7 knockoff bought off eBay? You’ll be lucky if you don’t receive an oddly packed red brick instead of a cheap Apple Watch band. And even if you do receive the advertised product, it would be difficult to verify its authenticity and establish it’s in line with health standards

Where Can I Buy Apple Watch Bands?

Ordering an affordable and good-quality Apple Watch strap has never been easier. You can just Google any query including, “best place to buy Apple Watch bands,” and you’ll instantly discover a list of potential options.

But which one to choose? What price of Apple Watch bands is acceptable for a good product? What is the best place to buy an Apple Watch?

We hear you. You’re in the right place. Luckily, we know a thing or two about Apple Watches.

Longvadon is a company of Apple Watch enthusiasts. We share a passion for aesthetics and technology, which translates to affordable but luxurious Apple Watch bands.

Cheap Apple Watch Bands- Are They Worth Your Money?

Longvadon’s genuine leather bands are affordable, luxurious, and durable. The bands are almost too good. 

Robin and Sebastian were the perfect duo to start an Apple Watch band revolution. The experience, passion, and drive for better aesthetics made these two French brothers build affordable but elegant, stylish, and classy Apple Watch straps.

You might want to reconsider buying that cheap knockoff made from potentially harmful materials sold by random vendors. First, it may cause skin rashes and leave you rushing to an emergency room after bacteria builds up between your skin and band. Second, you can always join the Longvadon’s family and buy an affordable Apple Watch band that is upmarket, luxurious and made from the most desirable layer of the bovine hide. 

Longvadon’s top-grain leather will help your skin breathe while the watch sits comfortably on your wrist. 

The band also develops a patina over time. Longvadon’s leather will age like a bottle of red wine. The older it gets, the more character, personality, and class it exhibits in everyday wear.

If you really want to transform and dress up your timepiece, find cheap Apple Watch straps that are durable, classy, and stylish. That’s the perfect formula for creating a sweeping style statement.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best designer Apple Watch bands right now.


1. Men’s Caiman Navy Blue Apple Watch Band w/ Silver Details

The Navy Blue leather band is the right choice for men who are looking to stay upbeat and evergreen at the same time. Silver details help the blue leather pop and leave an impression. This crocodile embossed top-grain leather band will also make you forget you’re wearing a smartwatch on your hand because it’s comfortable for all wrist sizes.

2. Women’s Caiman Snow White Apple Watch Band w/ Gold Details

Enjoy a fresh and elegant look without breaking the bank. The Snow White band for women will transform your smartwatch into a graceful fashion statement. The band fits wrists of all sizes and pairs well with all series of Apple Watch.

3. Men’s Classic Whiskey Brown Apple Watch w/ Silver Details

Classic is always in fashion, especially when it’s a luxury Apple Watch Band made from genuine French bovine hide. Men’s Classics are made for everyday action. Whiskey Brown is an Apple band that will help you leave an impression in any situation, from Gala Nights to casual meetings.

4. Women’s Classic Shark Gray Apple Watch w/ Black Details

The price of an Apple Watch band can fluctuate above the comfort levels, especially when it’s a classy leather band in question. Luckily, Longvadon’s Women’s Classic series brings handmade bands that will make you feel elegant and stylish. This Shark Grey Classic Apple Watch band will complement your looks and help you sweep every room you walk in. 

Longvadon is the Best Place to Buy Your Apple Watch Band

Please, feel free to explore the rest of our collections and discover the best selection of luxurious Apple Watch bands

Find your favorite styles and colors to fit all your needs and wants. If you’re not sure what band size will fit your wrist, check out our detailed sizing guide and find the perfect match.

Let us know what’s on your mind if you have any requests or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you and help you dress up your Apple Watch to represent the classy and elegant timepiece you deserve to wear every day.

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