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How to Choose the Best Leather Bands for Your Apple Watch

As is tradition with almost all Apple products, the market has completely fallen in love with the Apple Watch since its release in 2015. Today, the Apple Watch is the single most popular wristwatch that has ever been produced. In fact, Apple sold 43 million Apple Watches in 2020 alone. These numbers are truly stratospheric in proportion and have launched Apple into a level of market penetration that has perhaps never been seen before.

Overall, the Apple Watch has become the flag-bearer of an era of fashion design that seeks minimalism above all. It does not have the intricate details of a watch that you will see from a maker like Seiko but has a simple, all-conquering aesthetic that the public has taken a fancy to. Apple Watch’s sales alone are bigger than the entire Swiss watchmaking industry combined.

Caiman Mens Series

Why the Apple Watch Has Been So Successful

To really understand the success of the Apple Watch, you have to take a deep dive into the very spirit of Apple as a company.

The foremost reason is the fact that it adds another avenue to Apple’s ecosystem. If you own an iPhone, a MacBook, and an Apple Watch, you will testify that the functionality is so seamless that it sometimes feels like one mega-device in your possession.

You can access the photos you took from your iPhone on your Mac and you can take calls that your iPhone receives on your Apple Watch. For many perennial users, the Apple Watch was simply a necessity you had to buy into. This is why the Apple Watch records sales like no other. It is a necessity for an Apple user.

The functionality of the watch completely beats anything else on the market. If you are someone who likes to keep their health in check, an Apple Watch is truly an amazing value proposition. It can detect everything from the oxygen level in your blood to the presence of an irregular rhythm of your heartbeat. Lives have been saved using the functionality of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch came at a time when the world was moving towards an aesthetic that is more minimalist than anything else. The sleek lines of the watch pair perfectly with a formal suit as well as gym clothes.

Apple Watch Leather Band Classic Series

Why You Need a Leather Band

Detractors of the Apple Watch have often accused it of a simple crime, changing the wristwatch aesthetic for the worse. Imagine you are someone who has worn mechanical watches all your life. Even with the imaginative functionality of the Apple Watch, you still might miss the ‘class’ of your mechanical watch.

The fix to ‘class up’ your Apple Watch is to take the customization options that Apple provides you and use them to your benefit. The watch band for one can be swapped quite easily. This is where Longvadon comes in. Seeing the gap in the market, the brothers behind Longvadon’s visionary business model came up with the idea of introducing watch bands for the Apple Watch that evoke the legacy of the most revered french fashion houses.

Apple Watch Leather Band Caiman Series in Pink

High-Quality Materials

The genuine leather helps bring the whole Apple Watch to life. The bovine leather has a wonderful texture to it which is always quite pleasing to the touch as well on the eyes.

What is perhaps the most amazing thing about the Apple Watch leather band is that the wrist feel is extremely comfortable. Since there are a plethora of apple watch band sizes available, you can always find the one that is most comfortable for your wrist. After a few days of usage, the leather starts to mold itself according to the dimensions of your wrist. Before you know it, you won’t even really feel the watch band around your wrist.

The genius of the leather watch bands from Longvadon is that they are a true style statement. While a rubber watch band only really exists in a functional sense, the leather watch band has an aesthetic that is hard to ignore.

The designers at Longvadon have made sure that the design seamlessly integrates into the Apple Watch. Since they are completely exclusive to the Apple Watch, people often make the mistake of thinking that they are a proprietary accessory from Apple themselves.

Apple Watch Bands for all Wrist Sizes

Sizes for Everyone

The bands are compatible with all watches from Series 1 to 7, including the case sizes of 38,40,41mm and 42,44,45mm. The butterfly clasp is the icing on the cake. Since the clasp itself is hidden from sight, the design of the band is able to run seamlessly. The functional advantage is that the butterfly clasp does not bend the leather, which increases the longevity of the band.

The name comes from the fact that the two metal hinges which open on each side resemble the wings of a butterfly when they are completely extended. Once they are closed, the clasp has a release button that will open it.

The crocodile leather embossing is a visual masterstroke. On the inside of the band, where the band meets the skin, the super-soft suede makes sure that your wrists are caressed comfortably in a shell of luxury. If you are someone who likes to drink their whiskey aged, the distinct patina that the genuine leather will develop over time will only be unique to your strap. In a world where there are literally over 100 million Apple Watches, yours will stand completely on its own.

Longvadon unboxing experience

The Presentation

Longvadon’s packaging is extremely premium as well, with the leather strap fitting snugly inside a minimalist black box embossed with the Longvadon emblem. With these bands, the unboxing is a luxury experience unto itself.

You have a wide array of colors to peruse; from an old-school Mahogany Brown to the exotic Mediterranean Blue. You will be able to find a little piece of yourself reflected back in these deep, brilliant colors

As a testament to Longvadon's confidence in their product line there is a 1-year warranty on all purchases and a free returns policy if you are not 100% satisfied.

The Apple Watch was a truly revolutionary product when it launched in 2015. Today it stands at the top of the hill, selling more units than any Swiss watchmaker has sold in their entire product lifetime.

Whenever a new model releases, there are hordes upon hordes of loyal fans who wish to get their hands on it. The ‘Applemania’ is not unjustified. With Apple, you get a guarantee that the product will come close to challenging the very limits of perfection itself.

The genuine leather is not only a fantastic aesthetic choice but also develops a patina over time that will be unique to your unit. The bovine suede at the underside is as comfortable as an S-Class’s seat and the butterfly clasp makes sure that the design runs completely seamlessly over the length of your wrist.

As time passes by and the band starts to feel familiar on your wrist, the genuine leather molds in a way that can only be described as nature’s own memory setting. Longvadon has taken the Apple Watch, a premium, and well-functioning product, and attached it to a history that has been played out for as long as man has beat, tanned, and shaped leather to its will.

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