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Why Your AirPods Are in Desperate Need of a Case

Everyone remembers the waves of memes that erupted on the landscape of the internet when the first AirPods came out. For many, the price tag was simply too steep in terms of what it offered. The truly wireless nature of Airpods was a concept so novel that most people thought that it would be an actual inconvenience considering the fact that you could lose an earbud quite easily. Many even bet on the AirPods becoming a failure. Fast forward to today and Apple has managed to prove almost every analyst in the industry wrong. They have managed to prove that Apple knows the nature of the customer better than anyone else. Just to put things into perspective, the revenue that Apple made from AirPods alone was over $23 billion in 2020. That is more money than Spotify, Square, and Twitter made in that same period COMBINED. Before we get into exactly why you need a case for your AirPods, let’s talk about why the AirPods were so successful in the first place.

Ease Of Use

The hallmark of any Apple device is that they are deceptively easy to use. While Android users can spend hours upon hours twiddling their thumbs trying to find the right settings, an iPhone user’s journey to execute the same thing would be much simpler. The genetics of the typical Apple device is also found in this one. All you need to do in order to connect your AirPods with your iPhone is to open the case in proximity to the phone and you will be able to view the battery charge of the two buds as well as the pill itself.

airpod cases

AirPods essentially have a dual battery system. There is a battery in each earbud that can run for about 3-4 hours when fully charged. Once you have exhausted the battery in the earbuds, you can put them back in the pill and the larger battery in the pill will charge the buds for you. Even 5 minutes of charging can get you an additional hour of listening time. Your AirPods will be synced across all your Apple devices as well, so the experience is extremely seamless as you switch from your iPhone to your iPad.

Great Aesthetic Design

A quick look at the AirPods will tell you exactly what product family they belong to. The design is simple and minimalistic. It’s the kind of design that has an almost human feel to it. You do not feel any additional burden when you put them in your ears, and it is almost impossible to shake them off. Sometimes they even feel like they have been somehow glued to your ears.

The ergonomics are extremely human-centric and are definitely not a burden to use. They are extremely recognizable as well, with almost everyone knowing what they are. If you are the kind of person who likes to ‘flex their kit’ once in a while, this is a great addition to your technological wardrobe. We definitely do know that people care about the exterior of the product, with cheap AirPods knockoffs absolutely flooding the market at this point.

The Problem

It would not be wrong to say that Apple’s AirPods division alone is a Fortune 500 company in and of itself. Considering the mass adoption of AirPods as the de-facto earbuds, there are a host of problems that are also exposed. Perhaps the most pressing one is the fact that AirPods are quite vulnerable to being roughly used and can scratch easily. The shiny plastic surface of AirPods ensures that a few falls are enough to seriously damage the device. Considering that the new AirPods Max retail for nearly $500, you definitely do not want to be going around damaging these.

Now, the easy way out is to get a plain rubber cover that will do the job for you. Although it must be noted that rubber covers tend to leave some residue inside the cover. This means that your AirPods will be a bit dirty whenever you will be taking them out of their cover. Not to mention the fact that the rubber tends to take the aesthetic shine of AirPods and makes them look quite dull. For people who want to class up their AirPods, this is actually a step backward. You need to have an AirPods cover that is classy and exudes a level of personality. You want a leather AirPods case that will not only protect your AirPods but also impress others around you.

The Fix

leather airpods case

For people looking to buy an AirPods Pro case, one of the best options is to get Longvadon’s Caiman Series leather AirPods cases. These cases take genuine bovine leather and wrap it around your AirPods, creating a style statement that seeks to impress on the first try. It is also pertinent to note that these cases do not compromise on the build quality at all and are designed to protect your AirPods at all costs. Once you have these cases on, the little knocks will not be an issue anymore. The crocodile texture of the leather also allows for the grip to be enhanced when you are holding your AirPods.

One of the big issues that people face when they have covers on their AirPods is that most of them will not support wireless charging when the covers are on. The Caiman Series has been created with this concern fully in mind and allows for seamless wireless charging with the case being on the AirPods. In fact, seamlessness is one of the main themes being found in this leather AirPods Pro case. The bovine leather has been created in such a manner that there is complete connectivity in terms of the texture of the case. No expense has been spared. In many ways, this is the perfect Apple accessory because it forms its footing on the base of Apple’s philosophy. For most people, it would look like this case was also a proprietary one from Apple.

AirPods came and completely revolutionized the world of wireless audio. There was an age when Beats By Dre used to be the ultimate statement one could make in that space. Today, that is not true anymore, with Apple’s AirPods firmly taking on that mantle. However, it is also true that the steep price tag means that you have to be a bit more careful when dealing with these truly great wireless earbuds. This is exactly why it is strongly recommended that you buy a case to go along with your stylish AirPods. Considering that you have spent a decent bit of money to buy the best in the business, you have to continue that and buy the best in the business when it comes to covers for your AirPods.

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