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The Benefits of Using Rubber Watch Bands

The world of watches is an expansive one. From the pedigree of Rolex and Omega to the sheer functionality of an Apple Watch, there is something out there for everyone. It is interesting to note that the modern shape of the watch is a relatively recent conception. If you’re wearing jeans right now, you will see that one of your pockets might have a smaller pocket inside of it which will be just big enough to fit a coin in it. If you’ve been wondering what purpose the mini-pocket serves, then I have the answer for you now. The mini pocket was used as a storage space for pocket watches. Since pocket watches were the norm back then, the mini pocket also became a norm in jeans. As time went on, the mini pocket assumed an aesthetic purpose and is still found in our jeans long after they have become functionally redundant. Eventually, it was decided by humans that being able to look at the time while on the go was much more useful.

This gave rise to wristwatches. Wristwatches were much more convenient because all it required to look at the time was simply a turn of the wrist. Now, wristwatches might certainly be the champions of convenience but there are some issues that come up if you are a frequent wearer of wristwatches.

rubber watch straps

Issues With Wristwatches

Wristwatches can be really uncomfortable, period. We are all familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of resting our wrists on a table and realizing that the strap is digging into our skin. The problem is even more exacerbated with metal bands or leather bands. Metal bands especially can start having hair stuck in them which is a painful experience. Leather bands have one primary issue which is that they can be extremely uncomfortable on a hot day. The sun heating up the leather straps eventually causes them to turn quite warm and cause sweat to build up underneath the leather band. There is no doubt that leather bands might just be the best in terms of aesthetic appeal, with luxury apple watch bands offered by Longvadon being a particular highlight, but this con can weigh sometimes as well.


Imagine that you’re the outdoorsy type. You’re out camping in a thickly wooded area. There are ferns, and thick leaves and branches abound. Just as you are passing through a particularly challenging area, you feel a nasty branch touch your watch band. You feel panic as you realize that there is a good chance that your band has been scratched or damaged. However, the panic settles as you realize that you are wearing a rubber band. The fact of the matter is that rubber bands are extremely resilient and can take a knock better than any other type of strap. There’s a reason that the vast majority of sportsmen or wildlife adventurers are seen wearing bands made of rubber. When you are in a sticky situation, there really is no better friend than a rubber watch band on your side. A great addition would be NATO watch bands as well. It originated as a standard military-issued strap that was able to provide a combination of durability and comfort that can hardly be matched. The killer app of this particular type of strap is the fact that it passes under the case and has a secondary strap which means that the first can be broken and the second will still work without a hitch.

The biggest evidence of its ‘coolness’ is the fact that James Bond has been known to don NATO straps as well. The Rolex Submariner in Goldfinger in 1964 had a NATO strap which somehow blended well with the spirit of the watch as well. The strap itself belonged to a crew member on set. It was enough to immortalize the NATO strap in popular culture as the very definition of cool.

It is also important to mention that rubber watch bands are much stronger than leather watch bands are. If you are involved in any form of athletic activity, rubber watch bands are definitely the ones to go for.


Let’s face it, leather straps might be the most powerful statement you can make with a watch, but it certainly is beat by rubber watch straps when it comes to comfortability. One of the rubber’s qualities is its flexibility. This means that you can tighten a rubber strap quite a bit before it starts to feel painful. This will result in a very snug fit as well. If you are one of the people who do not like their watch slipping on their wrist, you need a rubber watch strap in your life. In fact, the most popular wristwatch in the world now, the Apple Watch ships with a rubber strap as well. There are a variety of apple watch band sizes as well, making sure that you will be able to find the best choice for you. The fact that the Apple Watch uses a rubber watch strap speaks to its widespread popularity as well.


While rubber watch bands have not been historically considered to be particularly aesthetically appealing, it is not the case anymore in 2022. Rubber technology has advanced so much that rubber can completely mimic the feel of genuine texture as well. While it may not be the real thing, it is a great compromise in between. It must also be acknowledged that rubber itself has become an aesthetic choice. The texture-less feel of rubber is thematically tied to the minimalist movement. You do not need an expensive watch. The only thing you need is a Casio slung across your wrist. You can take that watch to the harshest environments on earth, and it would slave away serving as your most trusted ally.

Does Not Develop Odor

Rubber Straps, especially vulcanized rubber straps do not develop odor over time. This might be a major consideration for people who like to make sure that their watches do not smell at all. Rubber bands are also extremely easy to clean as you can put them under running water without the fear that it would damage the band.


While there is nothing more beautiful than the texture of a leather band, the variety that a rubber watch band can give you is simply endless. Rubber bands come in almost every color possible. This is because they are completely synthetic and all it requires is a change in the chemical formula in order to synthesize a different type of rubber.

Adapts To Your Wrist

While you might feel that the rubber strap that you just bought is not fitting as perfectly as it could, it is important to note that the rubber strap will take the shape of your wrist. It will take some time, but you will definitely start to feel the difference after 3-4 days of constant usage.

Repels UV Rays

This is one advantage that most people are not aware of. We have all been briefed on the dangers of UV light before. It can damage the living tissue under your skin if you are exposed to too much of it. However, if you are wearing a rubber watch band, the part of your skin that is under the watch will be completely protected from the harmful UV rays. Although you should definitely invest in good sunscreen if you are planning to spend time in the sun. It has been a pretty brutal summer and there are reports of people being burned after short periods of exposure.

Rubber watch bands are able to encapsulate the philosophy of living simply like nothing else. The things that you need in life are not a lot in number. If you have internal peace, everything else comes naturally. You do not feel angry when someone cuts you off in traffic. You do not feel frustrated when you miss the elevator. You are happy in the moment that is descending upon you, nothing else. So, this ends with the image of you feeling content while an ocean splashes in front of you. You’re wearing a rubber watch band because you know it fears no challenge, just like you.

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