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The Best Rubber Watch Bands Money Can Buy

Rubber watch bands initially came into the spotlight in the 1960s as a reasonable alternative to the ever-powerful leather bands. Initially, the public was slow to pick up on the concept of the rubber straps as it was simply ahead of its own time. However, a small segment of the populace understood the utility of rubber watch bands more than anyone. For divers who had to traverse the deepest depths of the ocean, the waterproof nature of rubber was a unique selling point that they could not do without. The rest of the public was slow to react to rubber watch bands due to a perceived lack of aesthetics.

Fast forward to 2022 and rubber watch straps are arguably even more popular than leather bands. This is mainly due to two factors. The first is the minimalist movement which has meant that the lack of texture of rubber straps is actually preferred by a large number of people. It also must be noted that modern rubber can replicate leather texture with complete accuracy. This means that you get the convenience and resilience of rubber without sacrificing the aesthetics one bit. The other reason is simply the advent of smartwatches. Smartwatches are completely dominating the wristwatch sector right now. The Apple Watch brand sold over 30 million watches in 2019 alone. That is a level of market dominance and sales that the entire Swiss watch industry cannot even come close to. The most important aspect is that the Apple Watch ships default with a rubber band as well, which serves as a testament to the fact that the rubber straps have a firm foothold in the market.

Longvadon Vulcan Series

With a name as badass as Vulcan, one can expect the latest offering by Longvadon to exceed your expectations. Founded by two brothers who have modeled the aesthetic of the Longvadon series by taking inspiration from the French Riviera, Longvadon’s most powerful weapon has always been designs that will blow you away. That is readily apparent with their leather straps series and the Vulcan series as well. For the person who knows that their Apple Watch will be going through some rough conditions, the Vulcan series is simply a must-buy. It requires nearly no maintenance compared to other types of straps and is remarkably resilient to scratches and scuffs. The Vulcan series is an excellent example of how the past and the future can merge to create something that supersedes both. The aesthetic sensibilities have been imported from the French heritage of the brand and combined with production techniques pioneered in the 21st century. You get the ruthless efficiency of today and the effortless beauty of yesterday in one package.

The butterfly clasp that was invented by Louis Cartier also makes an appearance on this band. If you have ever owned a high-end timepiece, there is a good chance that it was sporting a butterfly clasp. As the name might suggest, the butterfly clasp is elegant yet does not compromise one bit on functionality. The sporty feel of the rubber is potently counteracted by the class of the butterfly clasp. This not only spruces up your Apple Watch, but also makes sure that you are equally comfortable water rafting as you are in a boardroom meeting.

ISOFrane Rubber Strap

When it comes to sheer pedigree in the watch strap market, there are few names that can truly compete with ISOFrane. Having been the strap supplier for Omega, Aquastar, Squale, Scubapro, and Tissot, ISOFrane is the most trusted name when it comes to rubber straps to this day. In order to track where their success comes from, one must turn the clock back to the 60s. Their ‘ladder’ strap that was shipped with Omega watches is immortalized in the annals of watch history. It was also revolutionary in the sense that it was the first instance of synthetic rubber being used outside of the automobile industry.

The rise of this company was only stopped by its bankruptcy in the 1980s. Today, the straps that were produced in that era by ISOFrane go for insane amounts at auction sites. Many people see it as the first step into the modern aesthetic, something that treads the line between vintage and modern.

The rise of the 2010s saw the resurrection of the ISOFrane brand as well. The classic ladder strap sold in the 60s is available in their modern line as well. It is quite aptly named ‘1968’, referring to the roots that the strap holds in the past. The price is rather steep, with the strap costing nearly 140 dollars.

B&R Rubber Dive Watch Band

The B&R rubber dive watch band is unique in many ways. However, it truly distinguishes itself by changing the stylistic focus entirely. While many rubber straps are happy to present their material as a strength and show rubber as an aesthetic choice, the B&R brings class to the world of rubber. The watch has rather attractive stitching which makes it more ‘grownup’ than other watch straps. The texture of the watch strap is almost cloth-like, with the band slipping on and off the wrist without a hitch. It is also completely waterproof. The price tag that stands at $35 gives other more expensive bands a run for their money. It is for the serious diver who is a bit more price conscious.

The band itself is extremely versatile compared to other bands due to greater attention being provided to the styling of the watch. You can sport this watch band while exploring the ocean as well as a formal dinner with your boss.

These are some of the best rubber watch bands that you can buy. They explore different areas and provide value to the user in different ways. However, for each type of user, all of these bands are great value.

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