How to Clean and Care for Your Leather Watch Strap


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How to Clean and Care for Your Leather Watch Strap

Clean leather watch straps are a fashion statement. 

Hardly anything is more stylish, comfortable, and versatile than a good quality leather that makes you stand out from the crowd.

You can match your leather band with a belt and shoes for just about every occasion. Leather has a fresh, robust, and earthy smell. But when not cleaned regularly, leather bands can develop discolored stains and pungent odor.

The oils from your skin, sweat, and hair can build up on the band, causing it to become stiff and lose its color and shine over time. It makes it unhygienic at best and a health hazard at worst.

Cleaning leather watch straps will prevent surface damage, making your band appear fresh and healthy while lasting much longer.

Luckily, you can easily take care of your strap with this four-step guide.

Wear a clean leather watch strap for health and style

Longvadon Apple Watch bands are made with premium quality materials that resist the buildup of dirt, moisture, and bacteria.

Full-grain leather comes from the cow’s top skin layer, located just under the hair. It’s the most desirable raw material to make quality leather watch straps. You don’t have to worry about cleaning Longvadon’s bands as often as other leather Apple watch straps.

We still recommend cleaning your leather watch strap every fortnight (14 days or every other weekend). Here’s our precise guide on how to clean and maintain your leather.

How to clean leather watch straps

Take off an Apple Watch strap

1. Remove the strap from your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch case has a standard fit, making it easy for users to maintain and clean leather straps. Start by turning your watch face down. Locate the band release buttons, and slide each link to the side. If you can’t find the release button, check out our detailed guide on how to easily take off your band.

Removing your strap shouldn’t last more than ten seconds.

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

2. Wipe the strap with a dry cloth or paper towel

Leather bands absorb moisture and dirt. It’s essential to wipe the leather with a dry cloth to remove larger particles that can scratch your leather bands before scrubbing. Microfiber cloth is a good start when wiping leather bands. However, any soft, clean, and dry piece of cloth can do the trick.

clean damp cloth

3. Scrub watch band with a damp cloth

Soap will do the trick. However, if you want to clean your leather strap at the highest possible level, get some saddle soap for $10-$15.

It’s time to wash your leather band — damp a piece of cloth in soapy water. Keep the cloth moist but avoid fully soaking it in. If it’s dripping, you’re doing it wrong. Excessive moisture can damage leather bands.

Gently scrub and clean the leather watch band once your cloth is ready.

Apply leather conditioner to your Apple Watch

4. Apply leather conditioner to the watch band

Once your band is clean, apply a conditioner. It creates protective layers and regenerates dry leather, making it fresh once again. The process is easy. Just follow the instructions on the bottle from the product you’ve bought.

Leather Conditioners are a staple product that can be found on Amazon or any major retailer at affordable prices.

Bookmark this easy guide on how to clean leather watch straps

The Apple Watch is a wonderful piece of technology, but if you don’t take care of it properly, it can get pretty gross, pretty fast. It’s not just the screen that needs cleaning. Your strap needs regular maintenance as well. If you don’t keep it will develop mildew, discolorated patches, and start smelling like a cheese factory on your arm.

Nothing can match a clean leather strap on your Apple Watch. Stay safe and proud as you command attention with your fashion choices.

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