7 Reasons Guys Love Monvadon's Caiman Series Bands For The Apple Watch

By Greg King — April 24th, 2018

There seems to be no serious option for Apple Watch owners who want a luxury leather band for their Apple Watch without either having to resort to buying a cheap knock-off or paying hundreds of dollars for the rather dull Apple partner bands.

We dug deeper into Monvadon, the company that's here to completely change the game.

  1. 1

    Ask anyone, they look gorgeous with any outfit.

    The Monvadon watch bands will let you match your Apple Watch to virtually any outfit. Got a stylish brown belt and brown shoes on? Then throw on your Mahogany Brown, Caiman Seires band with it's stylish butterfly clasp. Wearing something more casual and "summery"? Throw on the gorgeous Mediterranean Blue (aka Royal Blue) band and your set is complete!

  2. 2

    All bands come with an elegant & comfortable butterfly clasp.

    If you look at the actual luxury leather bands used on traditional high end watches such as a Patek Philippe, a Jaeger-LeCoultre or a Rolex then you'll quickly see that they all use these gorgeous deployant clasps instead of regular Ardillon buckles.

  3. 3

    Customers are already raving about their bands.

    Founded in early 2018 Monvadon is quite a new brand, but already, their customers are raving about the quality and look of their Apple Watch bands. They've got an average rating of 5 stars from real buyers who are all saying the bands look amazing and the quality is just as good as the company says it is.

  4. 4

    Their inner lining make them extremely comfortable to wear.

    Each Monvadon watch band comes with a soft and elegant suede leather inner lining that guarantees a more comfortable all-day wear while also giving the bands a much more luxurious feel compared to other bands out there.

  5. 5

    Made of not just any leather, but rather carefully selected Top Grain calfskin.

    Often, leather brands or cheap knock-off merchants will sell their customers on their leather by explaining how it's 'Genuine' Leather. While it's probably true, 'Genuine Leather' is actually just a term used to describe the lower (poor quality) layer of a piece of split animal hide. The higher quality layers of the leather which are closer to the actual surface of the animal hide are called Top Grain and Full Grain as they are significantly more durable and actually acquires some patina over time. All Caiman Series bands are made using only Top Grain leather as opposed to the cheaper Genuine, Split, Bonded or 'Faux' leather options.

  6. 6

    It was started by watch enthusiasts with real experience in the watch industry.

    Monvadon was founded by a couple of French brothers with a real passion for watches. As one of them; Robin, had just sold a watch company he'd been part of founding and was looking for a new project to take on, he asked his photographer/filmmaker brother Sebastian who'd also worked on their previous watch brand to join him and together they headed down to the French Riviera and created Monvadon.

  7. 7

    They don't just come in the usual boring colors.

    The issue with many watch bands especially for the Apple Watch is that they only come in one or two colors. Monvadon's Caiman Series watch bands, at the time of writing this, come in 7 different colors ranging from Midnight Black, to Navy Blue to Crocodile Green. They also offer Silver, Gold and Black finish versions of each watch band to make them compatible with your Apple Watch whether you have it in Silver Aluminium, Stainless Steel, White Ceramic, Gold Aluminium, Space Grey Aluminium, Space Black or Grey Ceramic.

  8. 8

    Unlike their competition, their high quality bands go for less than 75 bucks.

    Up until now, if you wanted a real quality leather band for your Apple Watch you had to either spend hundreds of dollars for a leather band by one of Apple's partner brands or resort to buying a cheap, low quality knock-off band off Amazon for under 20 bucks. Finally with Monvadon there exists the perfect solution which is a gorgeous, high quality leather band in multiple colors for less than $75 with free shipping anywhere around the world.

Ready to transform your Apple Watch with a quality leather band by Monvadon?