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7 Reasons American Men Are Switching To The Caiman Series Apple Watch Bands

By Greg King — October 20th, 2021

As the Apple Watch has become more and more popular, especially among American men - it's created a real craving for an alternative to the boring and lifeless silicon band that accompanies the watch by default. Although nice for exercise - most guys would rather wear something more stylish and "dressed up" around their wrist day to day.

So far there hasn't really been any serious option for guys who enjoy the benefits of their Apple Watch - but miss the class and style of a true luxury timepiece and the gorgeous genuine leather bands that accompany them. That, of course, was until Longvadon's Caiman Series came along...

A collection of crocodile embossed, 100% genuine 'Top Grain' leather bands in a multitude of stylish colors - the bands immediately stand out from the countless cheap & poor quality options out there. And with their reasonable price tag - it's no wonder guys are turning to Longvadon for their daily use Apple Watch bands.

  1. 1

    They immediately transform your Apple Watch from a small "wrist computer" into a true luxury timepiece.

    As soon as you open the box, you can tell the Caiman Series bands were carefully designed in Europe to the tiniest detail by Longvadon themselves. From the high grade crocodile-style leather - to the ultra-soft & luxurious suede lining, every fraction of an inch in thickness and width has been custom designed to effortlessly turn your Apple Watch into a true luxury timepiece.

  2. 2

    All bands come with a gorgeous luxury watch 'butterfly' clasp.

    If you look at actual luxury leather bands used on traditional ultra high-end watches such as Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre or Rolex then you'll quickly see that they all use deployant clasps instead of regular Ardillon buckles for their added security and style. Therefore each Caiman Series band comes with a gorgeous and sturdy 316L stainless steel 'butterfly' deployant clasp.

  3. 3

    Available in multiple colors to match every outfit or season.

    One of the main issues guys are having with the standard silicone Apple Watch bands is that although comfortable and great for exercise, they really don't fit well with a suit or even just a dress shirt for that matter. Every band has its purpose and the stylish Caiman Series bands will not only match but greatly enhance your outfit as you dress up.

  4. 4

    Their ultra-soft suede lining and bendy padding make them extremely comfortable to wear.

    Each Longvadon band comes with an ultra-soft genuine suede leather lining on the inner side of the band that's facing your skin - guaranteeing a comfortable all-day wear. On top of that the padding has been specifically selected to be as bendy as possible for the band to quickly conform to your wrist as you wear the band in.

  5. 5

    Made of carefully selected 100% genuine Top Grain bovine leather.

    Most Apple Watch bands out there are made of either PU (fake) Lether or Split or Bonded leather which refers to the less durable, lower layers of a split animal hide. The upper layers of a split hide are called Top and Full Grain as they are closer to the actual surface of the hide and have significantly denser fibers that are tightly "woven" together. This makes them a lot more durable while also allowing the leather to acquire a beautiful patina over time. All Caiman Series bands use Top Grain leather as opposed to the cheaper Split, Bonded or PU (fake) leather options.

  6. 6

    It was started by watch enthusiasts with real experience in the watch industry.

    Longvadon was founded by a couple of French brothers with a real passion for watches. As one of them; Robin, had just sold a watch company he'd been part of founding and was looking for a new project to take on, he convinced his photographer/filmmaker brother Sebastian who'd also worked on their previous watch brand to join him and together they headed down to the French Riviera and created Longvadon.

  7. 7

    A true luxury product - at a reasonable price.

    The hallmarks of true luxury shopping experiences are quality products, speedy delivery, above & beyond customer service and serious attention to detail. From their 3-5 day free tracked shipping (ships from within the US), to the luxurious unboxing experience, to their truly above and beyond customer service - the Caiman Series bands are by every measure an absolute steal at only $79 a pair.

Ready to transform your Apple Watch into a true luxury timepiece with a Caiman Series leather band by Longvadon?

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