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7 Reasons American Men are Replacing Their Silicone Apple Watch Bands With Vulcanized Rubber

By Ben Barton

The Apple Watch is now in its 8th iteration, alongside numerous variants such as the SE and Ultra. The popularity of the Apple Watch has seen a considerable market for watch bands emerge, with every style and occasion catered for.

However, for the longest time, there existed a conspicuous hole in that market. Where could you turn for a quality, luxury watch band that’s durable and suitable for both formal and informal occasions? Especially if you have just purchased the incredible Apple Watch Ultra, a standard silicone band is really going to do your watch a disservice.

The answer is the Vulcan Series. After the success of the first sold-out run, Longvadon is back with a whole new lineup of contemporary styles, sure to prove as popular as the last. The Vulcan Series was designed to transform the Apple Watch into a luxury Dive Watch in the fashion of Rolex, Breitling and Tag Heuer, priced fairly so that everyone may own a piece of pure luxury. Here is how they have achieved that goal:

  1. 1

    Transforms Your Apple Watch Into a Luxury Dive Watch.

    The Omega Seamaster, Breitling Superocean, Rolex Yacht-Master, what do these watches all have in common? Together they represent the apex of timepiece luxury. Timeless designs that transcend generational fashion and embody sheer class. This is the lineage from which the Vulcan Series draws inspiration. Your Apple Watch need not be a utilitarian piece of tech. With the highest-grade vulcanized rubber, unparalleled degrees of ruggedness, and unimpeachable European design, men are adopting the Vulcan Series to transform their Apple Watch into a genuine Dive Watch for the ages.

  2. 2

    Now Available in a Brand New Range of Contemporary Styles. Buy 2 get 1 - FREE.

    The original Vulcan Series was made available in sleek Midnight Black with a choice of silver or black detailing for the Butterfly Clasp. Demand was unprecedented and, though Longvadon knew from the start they were onto a winner, the range quickly sold out. Longvadon has now released a revitalized range, complete with five all-new styles alongside the classic Midnight Black: Red Camouflage, Army Green, Navy Blue, Steel Gray, and Snow White. Plus, if like us you are struggling to pick just one favorite, Longvadon is currently offering an incredible buy 2 get 1 free offer.

  3. 3

    Made From One of the World’s Most Durable Materials.

    A quality rubber band is as much a quintessential part of a respectable timepiece collection as leather or metal bands. It’s incredibly durable, lightweight, and surprisingly versatile fashion-wise. Whether hitting the gym, the spreadsheets, or the night scene, the rubber band is something of an all-day tour de force. The issue is, many self-styled rubber bands are actually silicone - a synthetic rubber and plastic hybrid - or low-grade, untreated rubber. Vulcanized rubber, though challenging to produce, is where it’s at. Through a chemical process of superheating rubber, powerful cross-links are formed at the molecular level, giving the material superior tensile strength, resilience, and elasticity; making it one of the most durable materials in the world.

  4. 4

    Compatible with ALL Apple Watches - Series 1-8, SE & The New Ultra.

    With so many Apple Watches now floating around, one of the biggest concerns men have is whether a band will actually fit as it should. Nothing ruins a stylish look more than a band, that is clearly the wrong size, not sitting flush with the watch face. This issue is even more apparent if you own one of the older series or a non-standard model such as the SE or Ultra. Fortunately, precision engineering and a commitment to unerring quality mean the Vulcan Series fits securely and looks as it should, no matter which Apple Watch you own.

  5. 5

    The Hallmark of a Luxury Dive Watch - The Butterfly Clasp.

    Earning its name from the distinct two-hinge opening mechanism evocative of a butterfly spreading its wings, the butterfly clasp is the mechanism of choice for premium watch straps. Favored for its seamless look and increased security, you will find the deployant clasp on almost all your favorite dive watches. Here Longvadon has included its own exclusive model, complete with a secure double-push mechanism and understated branding beautifully engraved into the stainless steel. It’s these little quality touches that elevate the Vulcan Series beyond other pale imitations.

  6. 6

    Designed by Lifelong Watch Enthusiasts and Founders of Longvadon.

    Longvadon was founded by two French brothers with a desire to see the Apple Watch transformed into a luxury timepiece. With one eye set on the design icons of the past and another trained on the future of the watch industry, they set out on a journey to elevate a man’s alliance with his Apple Watch. Already a trusted hand within the industry, Robin sold his original watch company to forge a formidable partnership with his longtime collaborator and brother Sebastian. Together they have created one of the most respected and recognized Apple Watch Band names to date.

  7. 7

    A True Luxury Product - Priced for All.

    As the Apple Watch has continued to proliferate in popularity, so too has the range of luxury, designer bands made available. The problem is, hyper-inflated prices see many of these products run into the hundreds and even thousands of $$$. Longvadon sought to redress this imbalance with an uncompromising approach to both luxury and accessibility. Where else can you find real vulcanized rubber and a genuine stainless steel butterfly clasp for only $89. An eye for detail from band to packaging, exceptional customer service, and 3-5 day free tracked shipping (ships from within the US) on all orders round out what is a luxury experience from start to finish.

Ready for the Vulcan Series to transform your Apple Watch into a luxury Dive Watch?

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