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Delivery & Availability Update During COVID-19

Updated: June 8th 2020

Dear Longvadon community

Nearly all of our watch bands were able to be stocked worldwide with small color-specific re-fills here and there coming in asap as some colors run out.

The vast majority of orders are now being delivered as normal and on time with only a few of our courier partners still being closed for business, mainly in Asia and the Middle East (however we now have fully functional replacement shipping options available for every region).

Some exceptions might still arise in some locations or cities and we're doing all we can to get everyone their orders asap. Especially any delayed orders still being affected that were placed earlier during a worse time in this pandemic.

I truly apologize for any inconvenience caused because of this and be sure to contact our support directly if you have any questions regarding your order.

Our support team is here to help & ensure you either get your items - or get refunded. Period.

In the meantime we're looking forward to hopefully better times ahead.

Stay safe,
Robin W.

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