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Changing Our Name From Monvadon to Longvadon

If you're already a customer of ours or you've been following us for a while, then you might have noticed that we've made a slight change to our name. And the question you're probably wondering is, why? 🙂

Well, there's a very simple explanation really.

A while after launching Monvadon, we happened to stumble into a decades old watch brand with a name that slightly resembled Monvadon. We quickly realized that although we had no clue of their existence when we originally created Monvadon, and their brand name was still clearly distinguishable from ours, we felt that we didn't want to leave any chance for a single person to potentially confuse the two. Therefore we decided to immediately begin the process of changing our name and avoid any potential confusion with any other brand in the future.


These things happen, and luckily as a result we ended up with the name Longvadon which we think is an even better name than what we had in the first place.

We also used this opportunity to not only revamp but heavily improve on the products we offer. We've improved the quality on virtually every part of our watch bands, from the stainless steel adapters and the butterfly clasp, to the leather quality and the bands' overall design. On top of that we also decided to simultaneously launch our long awaited women's watch bands as well as our gorgeous piano black watch band collector's box... plus there's still a lot more coming soon! 😉

So all in all we're very excited for what the future holds for Longvadon and hope you're as excited for what's coming as we are!

- The Longvadon Team

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